There are many fishing charters in Cairns. If you're planning on taking a fishing trip, there are some things that you'll want to be prepared for before you go. Fishing is an activity that has been practised since the beginning of human history, and there are many different types of fish found in the ocean waters around Cairns. The key to enjoying your trip is preparation! If you make sure that you've got everything ready before your fishing trip begins (and bring lots of sunscreens), then it will be much more likely that you'll enjoy yourself and come back again next year

Sun protection

Sun protection is important, even in winter. There's still a lot of UV radiation at those high latitudes, so it's best to be prepared with sunscreen and a hat. If you're going fishing for long periods of time in the sun, wear sunglasses as well. You'll look like an idiot but your eyes will thank me later.

Wear loose-fitting clothing that covers all exposed skin: long pants and sleeves are preferable over shorts and short-sleeved shirts, even if it's not hot out yet because those UV rays can still get through a little bit more material than they would when it’s warm out (or even summery).

Bug spray

The best bug spray to use when fishing in Cairns is one that's applied frequently and evenly. Look for one with DEET, as this will help deter mosquitoes and other flying insects from landing on you. You should also try to find a spray that dries quickly, so you can get back on the water as soon as possible.

It's important to reapply your bug spray every few hours—especially if you're fishing during the day or exploring out of town at night (when mosquitos are most active).

a hat or cap

A hat or cap will protect your head from the sun, keep it warm in the cooler months, and can be used to cover up your ears if it's cold.

-A pair of sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun, which can cause discomfort and even eye damage if you're exposed to them for long periods of time.


Sunglasses are a must-have for a fishing trip in Cairns. They will protect your eyes from the glare of the sun, which is particularly important for fishing, snorkelling and other water activities. Make sure you have a good fit so they don't slip off, or scratch your face as you cast.

Polarized lenses are also recommended as they reduce glare from water and snow. You can buy sunglasses at any store in town (though make sure they’re polarized if you plan on spending time on the water).

Waterproof Jacket

A good waterproof jacket is one of your most important pieces of gear. You can get by with a cheap one for the first year or two, but it’s worth investing in a high-quality one after that. It will last for years and keep you comfortable and dry when it matters most.

Food and drinks.

Take plenty of food and drink. You can't always rely on restaurants to be open, as they may not have enough fuel to cook your food or power their fridges. Make sure you have enough water and food for the whole trip, including some extra in case of emergencies such as a car breaking down or any other unforeseen problems that might arise along the way. 

A valid fishing licence is required from the Department of fisheries.

It is essential to have a valid fishing licence if you are planning on recreational fishing in Queensland. A fishing licence is a legal requirement for all persons who intend to participate in any form of commercial or recreational fishing activity in Queensland. This includes charter boats, spear guns, crabbing and more. A valid licence will be required as proof of identity before you start your journey out on the water.

A valid fishing permit gives access to areas where certain species can be caught by specified methods during specific seasons and at specific times (like only during daylight hours). To make sure that you’re using the right equipment when taking part in recreational activities such as spearfishing or crabbing you will need a separate permit from each state’s Department Of Fisheries – this can vary depending on where you plan on going so check with them first!

Comfortable shoes.

Comfortable shoes are a must. There's nothing worse than having sore feet after a long day out on the water. The best option is to wear boots or sneakers that have good grip and support for your feet, as well as some type of cushioning in the sole for shock absorption. Flip flops, thongs (slip-on sandals) and other open-toed shoes aren't ideal because they can easily slip off when you're walking around rocks or in shallow water.

First aid kit.

You should always pack a first aid kit for your fishing trip in Cairns. While there are plenty of places to get medical attention if you need it, having the basics available on hand is still important. From bandages to disinfectant wipes and gauze pads, etc.

Legal size is esky for your catch if you're going out on a boat charter in Cairns.

A fishing trip in Cairns wouldn't be complete without one essential piece of equipment: the esky. An esky is a cooler box, often with wheels, used to transport your catch back to shore or keep it fresh while out on the water. It's also a legal requirement for boat charters in Cairns.

The reason this is important is that you are legally required to keep your fish alive until they are weighed at the local weigh station. If you don't have an esky, then you'll need a live well built into your boat or an icebox that can fit inside your boat's cabin (not recommended).


When you’re preparing for your fishing trip in Cairns, it is important to think about what goes into the gear you will need. There are many things to consider, but by planning ahead and doing some research you can make sure that your next fishing trip is enjoyable and safe.